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January 24, 2022
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Application for 2019 - Scholarship
Updated On: Jul 30, 2019

Teamsters Local 272 Scholarship Fund

(Fondo de Becas de la Local 272)

2019 Academic Year Scholarship Application

Application due date: November 15, 2019

The Teamsters Local 272 Scholarship Fund established in 2017, is accepting applications until November 15, 2019.

Academic Scholarship: This year the Teamsters Local 272 Scholarship Fund will award 5 Scholarships, and is once again open to include Members attending college at an accredited college institution, as well as their high school senior children.

The Fund awards five individual recipients on academic Scholarships based on the below referenced criteria. As part of the application process, all 2019 applicants must submit an essay on the following topic: How to deal with bullying in schools

The Scholarship awards are paid directly to the schools. Scholarship winners will be presented with their awards at the Holiday Party in December.

Members can request an application by calling the Union office at 212 726-9726, or by downloading the form from the Union Local's 272 website ""

All applicants must comply with the following eligibility and application criteria:

  1. Be the son, daughter or financial dependent (this does not include spouses) of an Active or Retired Teamsters Local 272 Member (hereafter also referred to as "Teamster Member Relation") who qualifies (or in the case of Retirees, has qualified) as a Member in "good standing" in the Teamsters Union as defined in Article X, Section 5 of the International Constitution, or Active Member.

a} For purposes of this application "Teamster Member Relation" is defined as a Local 272 Teamster Member whose child, financially dependent grandchild or other qualifying financial dependent is applying for the scholarship is referred to in the application form as "Teamster Member Relation". Financially dependent grandchildren and other financial dependents (i.e., stepchildren and wards) of Teamster

b} The applicant's Teamster Member Relation must have been a Member in "good standing" as defined in Article X, Section 5 of the International Constitution of the application deadline of November 15, 2019. In addition, the Teamster Member Relation must not have been a full-time elected officer or full time Employee of Local 272.

c} If the applicant's Teamster Member Relation is retired, he or she must be retired from the craft represented by his or her Local Union and must have been a Member In Good Standing for 5 years prior to his or her retirement. In addition, the Retired Teamster Member Relation must not have been full-time elected officer or full-time employee of Local 272 during this period.

d} A seasonal employee eligible to vote pursuant to Article XXII, Sec. 4 (c) of the International Constitution shall also qualify as a Teamster Member Relation.

      2.   Plan to attend an accredited college institution within the United States by fall of 2020.

All applicants must provide:

  1. Completed Teamsters Local No. 272 Scholarship Fund Application

  2. Membership Verification

  3. Statement of Accuracy (signed by both Applicant and Teamster Member)

  4. An essay addressing the following subject: “How to deal with bullying in schools" (The essay must consist of 400 to 1000 words)

Deadline for the application is Friday November 15, 2019, 3:00 pm Daylight Standard Time.

Applications must be received by this date or they will not be considered.

Finalist's Scholarship Awards

Finalist's notification will be given by Friday November 22, 2019

Awards will be disbursed to colleges/universities on Monday December 2, 2019

Winners must be ready to provide a copy of their student ID and the correct college name, and address where it is to be received

To request the Scholarship Fund Application, Membership Verification, and The Statement of Accuracy, please call the Teamsters Union Local 272, at 212 -726-9726,

or you can visit the Local 272 website to download all 3 forms at:


Teamsters Local 272
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