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November 28, 2022
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Wake Up Dollar Members/Lets Talk!
Updated On: Feb 10, 2013
How much do you know?

It's time to be concern about your employment with Dollar Thrifty Automomotive Group/Hertz Corporation; your collective bargning agreement will expire August 2, 2013....

A Class Action Grievance has been filed on behalf of seven (7) Manhattan/New York Rental Agents... against Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc.

Article VIII Section 5. reads; The Employer will observe shift preference accoording to seniority and location, location being defined as either Manhattan, LaGuardia Aiport, J.F.Kennedy Airport or Newark Airport. Shift openings created by termination shall be posted at the location where the vacancy occurs. The senior employee at the location will be awarded the shift and his/her shift vacancy, in turn, will be filled by the Employer with a new hire. Exercise of shift preference by seniority method shall not be permitted to interfere with the efficency of operations. The Employer will give one week's notice of change of shift except in emergencies created by absenteeism or other valid reasons agreed by both parties. 

We disagree with the Manhattan/NY locations, shift changes,("change of shift") because it entails Rental Agents being transfer from their locations that they are currently employed a life time, in some cases.

I urge all full time and regular part-time Rental Agents, Lead Agents, Service Agents, and Bus Drivers Employed in the New York City, LGA, JFK and Newark Airports, as well as the Return Agents at Newark Airport. Your support and participation is needed. Contact myself with your email address, phone number. A meeting at the union office will be scheduled soon for the purpose of discussing negotiating a collective bargining agreement.

Job Security !!!

Fred Alston, President

Contact Information  Email: or 917 416-4086


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